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Weight Gain Due To Depression

Does stress or depression result in gaining weight?
In persons eating excessively to relax in the events of stress, worry, sadness or loneliness, it will cause gaining weight due to excessive and uncontrolled nutrition. These persons are the ones relaxing psychologically when they eat and they prefer chocolate, desert, candy and dried nuts. Since this nutrition becomes a habit, they gain weight fast. Especially since substances in the chocolate increases the hormone of happiness called as “serotonin” in the brain, relaxing and happiness is observed in the persons.

Learning stress management, doing sports, taking a walk, sparing time for themselves and being engaged in different hobbies will reduce the desire of eating. It is recommended for the persons not coping with the stress to get support from a psychologist or psychiatrist. Since some depression drugs result in gaining weight, they make losing weight difficult. Also since food increasing the serotonin contains carbohydrate, depressed persons should diet with low carbohydrate food. Pulpy carbohydrate, whole cereal, whole-wheat pasta and cereals should be preferred. Level of sugar in blood, insulin, thyroid hormone of these persons should be measured and accordingly treatments should be administered. If selenium in blood is deficient, it should be substituted and Omega-3 should be used. Exercise will be beneficial for the depressed person. Less but frequent eating and snack is very beneficial. Hypoglycemia and thyroid hormonal disorder have been found in most of depressed persons. For this reason, whether the sugar is low or not and thyroid disease should be examined in these persons.

Women gain weight more in certain periods, don’t they?
Pregnancy, breast-feeding and menopause periods and contraceptive pills in women frequently result in weight gain. As the number of delivery increases, weight gained increases. During these periods, healthy nutrition and diet and exercise will be beneficial. It will be good for a woman gaining weight to stop contraceptive pill.

Weight gain during menopause occurs as the estrogen reduces in the blood. Estrogen hormone reducing slows down the metabolism by various mechanisms and leads to weight gain. Even if the drug is used for menopause therapy, since the level of estrogen in the blood is not sufficient, losing weight in the women in menopause becomes difficult. Diet, exercise and some weight-loss pills may be beneficial. Moreover, fasting and postprandial blood glucose and thyroid hormone analysis should be got performed in menopause period.