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Facial Palsy

Facial palsy is the disease related to the palsy of muscles on one side of the face. Facial palsy occurs as a result of damage of trunk of neurons to facial muscles in the brain or damage of facial nerve. While palsy or other neurological losses in arm and legs accompany facial palsy originating from the brain, function of facial nerve on the side affected is lost in facial palsy due to facial nerve damage.

Facial palsy is a frequent neurological disease. If there is no underlying clear reason of facial nerve, it is called as Bell’s palsy. The most frequent reason of unilateral facial palsy is the Bell’s palsy. Reason is thought as viral infections. It is known that Lyme bacteria of bacterial infections can result in bilateral facial palsy. Other than the infections, tumor crushing the facial nerve, middle ear infection, trauma may result in facial palsy.

Worsening in patient of facial palsy in early stage (especially in the first week) in spite of the treatment is very frequent. Rate of worsening and improvement of every patient is different.  

Oral cortisone drugs taken for 2-3 weeks are used for treatment of facial palsy. 85% of the facial palsy patients get better within 3 months completely with correct treatment and while partial improvement is observed in about 10% of patients, no improvement may be observed in 5% of them.