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Oral and Dental Health Department

At the department of Oral and Dental Health of Kent Hospital, dental treatments are performed by use of the latest technology and developments. In addition to routine dental treatments, tooth whitening, dental implants and aesthetic dentistry applications are carried out. Every kind of dental treatment from simple treatments to the most complicated treatments can be administered by our experienced specialist physicians,.  Directing the patients to the most appropriate treatment by offering different treatment options to the patient is aimed.  Our objective is to make our patients gain healthy and beautiful smiles.

Protesthetic, conservative, endodontic and surgical treatments of patients having oral and dental problems are administered by the dental polyclinic. It is aimed to provide a wide range of dentistry service by integrating general hospital conditions with private clinic environment. Oral examination is the essential part of general health controls as we are aware of the fact that a number of systemic diseases can be diagnosed with precursor oral symptoms.

Advanced imaging technology (orthopantomograph, RVG, oral camera) is the greatest support factor for perfect planning.  Very experienced staff cooperate with valuable speacialsit physicians if necessary and render services to the patients with critical general health condition safely. In addition to this reliable staff, example sterilization unit of Kent Hospital allows us present a sterile service environment to our patients as well as being hygienic.