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Advanced technology based diagnostic and therapeutic methods are implemented in adult and pediatric urology fields of Kent Hospital Urology Clinic. Kent hospital has an advanced trained and experienced team in the field of endoscopic/laparoscopic urology, renal calculus diseases treatment, pediatric urology, cancer urology and infertility after general urology training. Unlike General Urology practice in the clinic, "percutaneous renal surgery", "laparoscopic urology pediatric urology", "radical neuroprotective prostatectomy” and "laser applications" are being implemented with success. ESWL (External Shock Wave Lithotripsy, renal calculus) and Video-Urodynamics Unit offer service in clinic department. 

Sub Departments


Diagnosis and treatment of endoscopic urologic diseases are carried out by endoscopic-laparoscopic closed methods. These methods are practices offering comfort for patients. Since urology team is very experienced in especially renal calculus treatment, almost all of the renal calculus treatments are conducted with success in renal and urinary tracts. (endoscopic, percutaneous renal calculus surgery). Laparoscopic operations performed in a very few centres in our country are successfully performed. ESWL (External Shock Wave Lithotripsy, renal calculus) Unit provides support to such treatment methods. The same treatment methods are successfully implemented in pediatric age renal calculus diseases and researches are conducted in regard to the causes forming renal calculus.


Diagnosis and treatment of urologic cancer are conducted. Advanced medical diagnosis and treatment methods are used in treatments of urological cancers in Urology Clinic. Diagnosis and treatment of prostate, bladder, kidney, testes and adrenal glands cancers are performed. "Neuroprotective Radical Prostatectomy" operation that is prostate cancer of our age's disease where sexual power of a person is maintained is performed with success in Urology Clinic and building a new bladder from intestine is performed in severe bladder cancer.

Prostate Health Screening

Examination and blood tests (Prostate Specific Antigen-PSA) are conducted in terms of prostate cancer or benign prostatic hyperplasia (BPH) of healthy men over 45 years old especially having prostate cancer in their families. In this way, early diagnosis and treatment could be lifesaving. "Greenlight Prostate Operation" that is the final point reached by the technology in treatment of prostate diseases is frequently performed by an experienced Urology Team.

Female Urology

Urinary incontinence problem seen very frequently in women is not a natural phenomenon depending on growing age. This incident is very simple-treated disease that is developed depending on losing bladder length and urinary tract property rather than uterine prolapse. Diagnoses, treatment surgery of such type of diseases are implemented with the state-of-the-art technologies in Urology Clinic. Stay of hospitalization period in such type of operations is generally 1 day. 

Voiding Disorders Centre (Neurourology)

Voiding disorder is a disorder frequently used in diseases (stroke, diabetes, multiple sclerosis, Parkinson etc.) affecting especially nervous system and seen all age groups. It involves a symptom spectrum varying from urinary incontinence and failure to urinate at all. Urodynamics study constitutes the basis of evaluation. A detailed lower urinary tract function evaluation in conducted with an examination in a form of video-urodynamics in Urology Clinic. It has different treatment options varying from drug treatments to operations.

Andrology (Sexual Dysfunctions)

Andrology has become a branch of science examining changes occurred depending on ageing of men as well as all disorders affecting male reproductive system, male or female sexual health. Diagnosis and treatment of disorders falling within the scope of andrology in Kent Hospital are evaluated within the scope of a separate discipline within the body of Urology Clinic and the most modern and technology are used in the treatment. 

It is studies with a multidisciplinary approach in coordination with IVF (In Vitro Fertilization) in diagnosis and treatment process with infertility. All infertility-related treatments are executed with team work and modern surgical methods such as microsurgical varicocelectomy and micro-tese (testicular sperm with microsurgical method) are used.