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Psychological Counceling

Psychological Counceling and Psychotherapy

Psychological Counceling and Psychotherapy in Kent Health Group offers psychological counceling to children, adolescents, adults and elderlies who have problems with their relationships, in academic, professional lives and believe that they are not sufficiently active in their daily lives due to these problems which they cannot overcome, are not satisfied with transactional relationships, followed up due to psychiatric diagnoses. The psychological counceling service depends on the problems of patients. Each psychotherapy session takes 50 minutes, are regularly and systematically carried out in the framework of certain psychotherapy schools. It aims to create change desired by patients in relation to emotional, behavioural, cognitive (thoughts) areas.


Schema Therapy

Cognitive-Behavioural Therapy

Transactional Analysis

Sexual Therapy

Couple Therapy


Child and Adolescent Psychology

Anxiety Disorders

Mood Misorders

Positive Parenting

Sexual Problems

Neuropsychological Assessment


Burnout Syndrome