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Nutrition and Diet

Healthy nutrition is the key of health. Malnutrition, overnutrition or unbalanced nutrition is the primary risk factors for various diseases. We shouldn’t forget that healthy nutrition is the sufficient and balanced nutrition and the body needs all nutrients for regular and balanced function of the body.   

Department of nutrition and diet provides services to the newborn, adolescent, adult and geriatric patients and employees at our hospital. Nutrition and diet service is managed by 1 dietitian. The dietitian in charge attends visits. 

Department of nutrition is in charge of proper preparation of diet determined by the dietitian and physicians for the patients and presenting it attractively and ensuring high quality for meeting meal need of hospital staff and patient accompanists. The department of nutrition works in a wide range of fields such as nutrition support, consultation, consultancy and training and meets 3 meals and nutrition need of the patient. This service is provided with the coordination of patient and families, physicians, pharmacists, social workers, nursing staff and other health staff.

The department of diet serves for the purpose of providing healthy nutrition and diet practices training to the patients and accompanists to increase nutrition quality of the patients with the multi-disciplinary working concept in accordance with the criteria implemented by the nursing, pharmacy and nutrition service and developed by dietitian.