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Pediatric Dentistry

Pediactric Dentistry

Pedodontics (pediatric dentistry) is a department which aims to protect milk tooth and permanent teeth among 0-12 age children and eliminate problems which are originated from decayed teeth, taruma, hereditary factors.

The primary purpose of the pedodontics is to take measures which will prevent dental problems and enable the patients not to have decayed teeth. The procedures which are carried out with this purpose are called as “Preventive Dentistry Practices”. Pedodontics treatments are as follows;

Topical fluoridation for children with high risk of decayed teeth,

Fissure sealant for backteeth which are prone to caries,

Retroactive treatments in milk teeth and permanent teeth in which caries are detected (filling),

Root canal therapy in infected milk teeth and permanent teeth,

Extraction of chronologically infected teeth,

Fixed / removable space maintainer until eruption of permanent teeth instead of milk teeth which are early lost due to infection,

Preventive orthodontic applications,

Transparent night plaques in order to prevent tooth wear due to grinding of the teeth at night or in daily life,

Dental treatments under general anaesthesia,

Aesthetic filling treatments for treatment of fractured teeth,

Splinting therapy for trauma-related luxation,

Tooth eruption and development