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Gamma Knife Center

Oncology Center of Kent Hospital offers Gamma Knife, radiation therapy which is used to treat brain tumors suitable for treatment.

Gamma Knife Surgery is one of the most advanced technological methods in order to treat targets in the brain. Leksell Gamma Knife is not concretely a knife. The doctor does not make an incision in the head. Instead, radiation rays which are clearly focused are directed to treatment area in the brain. Gamma Knife Surgery offers a reliable and effective treatment to more than 70.000 patients every year. It is an easily applicable, simple and painless treatment. Gamma Knife Surgery is a non-invasive, bloodless treatment type. Its radiation source is called as “Cobalt”. Type and dose of the radiation is optimised in a way to only harm the target area without harming surrounding healthy tissue.

Gamma Knife Surgery is a bloodless surgery which is carried out for neurological diseases. The skull does not have to be opened for this procedure. The patient is treated in a single session and discharged from the hospital after a while later and can continue his/her normal life. It is a method which facilitates the treatment of deeply located small targets in the brain. Radioactive rays quite sensitively focus on the target in the brain and by not harming the healthy tissue.