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Pediatric Health and Diseases

Kent Hospital is the hospital of our children above all of us,
because our children are our future.

We offer service as “a hospital especially designated for children” with several departments and clinics we have designed for our children since our establishment with the motto of “Every child is special and needs care”.   We conduct interruptible and meticulous follow-up of whole process of the infants from their births to their grown-up period with the mission of “the hospital of our children rather than us” with our certification of “baby Friendly Hospital.” and we implement required therapies of our children especially under 16 years of age under single roof. We value the health of your children. 

The departments relating to the infants in Kent Hospital are comprised of Pediatric and Diseases Department, New-born Care Unit, Pediatric Emergency Service, Pediatric Neurology Department, Pediatric Surgery Department, Pediatric Gastroenterology Department, Pediatric Cardiology Department and Liver Transplantation Department.  

Pediatric Health and Diseases Department in Kent Hospital
Pediatric Health and Diseases Department (Pediatrics) is comprised of “Strong Pediatric Department” and “General Pediatric Department”. We offer service in this department for the purpose of regular follow-up, protection from diseases, early diagnosis and treatment of development of infants from their birth and growing up period. In our hospital having obtaining the certificate of "Baby Friendly Hospital" in 2006, we support the process of feeding the baby with breast milk. In this context, through "Nursery Class Program" within the body of our hospital, we provide our mothers with training of baby feeding and care as well as lactation consultancy. We provide routine health screenings and vaccinations of the babies. In addition to babies, we perform outpatient or inpatient treatments of diseases of the children below especially 16 years of age under the most suitable conditions in an environment with utmost comfort of our hospital under single roof.

Service is offered by our specialist doctors between 09:00-18:00 hours in General Pediatrics and by our emergency medical specialist until morning from 18:00. Consultation is required from our physicians in other specialization branches in the treatment of child patients observed in Emergency Service. Care is given for patients in new born (0-1 month) and suckling children (1-12 months) are to be consulted by specialists of children health and diseases. 

Especially 0-12 age period in children is a period where diseases are mostly experienced. During this period, children need attentive care and health checks. Note that the diseases not treated well in childhood period may cause some problems in following years.