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Neonatal Intensive Care Unit

The neonatal intensive care service equipped with a strong technical infrastructure provides services at Kent Hospital with the title of “Baby-friendly” hospital. Neonatal intensive care unit has the specialist team and modern medical equipment to support all infants in need of intensive care.

Advanced care is provided for the premature birth cases from 24. Gestational week, multiple pregnancy case, diabetic mother’s infant, big baby, baby swallowing meconium in mother’s womb, infants with high risk of brain and other organ damage as a result of difficult delivery at neonatal intensive care unit. In addition to this, pediatric surgery, pediatric neurology, pediatric cardiology and pediatric gastroenterology specialists provide support for 7/24.

Services provided at neonatal intensive care unit

 • Care of infants in need of respiration support 
 • Incubator care
 • Exchange transfusion
 • Hepatitis (phototherapy) treatment
 • Care of premature and low and very low birth weight infants
 • Care of newborn and all infants with health problems

Incubators at the neonatal intensive care are one of the most significant units to provide proper environment for the infants. The incubator is the same as the uterus for the babies. Premature, low-weight babies having difficulty in breathing, having problems due to infection or neonatal jaundice are treated in these incubators. Infants are warmed like in the mother’s womb and protected against infections and respiration, body temperature and heart beats are monitored for 24 hours. Their vital functions are followed and chance of living of infants is increased by the treatments and feeding and care is performed by the experienced nurses.

Respiration support (Ventilator therapy), Exchange transfusion, phototherapy, EEG (brain electro), EKO (cardio ultrasound), USG (Ultrasound for assessing brain and other internal organs) are carried out. Moreover, all infants treated at the unit are subject to retinopathy examination (eye examination for premature infants.