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Pediatric Surgery

Structural (anatomic), functional (physiological), biochemical and psychological characteristics of children are clearly different from the adults. For this reason, diagnosis and treatment of pediatric diseases should be planned considering the characteristics of the child and cases requiring surgical approach should be assessed by the pediatric surgeon.

Pediatric surgery specialist (pediatric surgeon)” is the medical practitioner receiving education for only diagnosis and treatment of children, becoming experienced in this field and having the “legal authority” for surgical intervention. At the department of pediatric surgery covering all surgical procedures related to the children from infant period to adolescent age (between 0-14 years old) exocardial chest, digestive system, pediatric endocrine, pediatric gynecology and trauma surgery and diagnostic and interventional endoscopic procedures, laparoscopic and thoracoscopic surgical procedures and diagnosis and treatment of urological problems are carried out. Moreover, pediatric surgeons help to correct prenatal known or postnatal anomalies.

Surgical procedures at Kent Hospital, department of pediatric surgery
 • Operations for correcting newborn anomalies 
 • Abdomen wall and intra-abdominal surgical diseases
 • Genitourinary system surgical procedures (undescended testis, labial synechia, ovary cyst and tumors)
 • Circumcision (newborn & Child)
 • Hypospadia  (Prophet’s circumcision, half circumcision)
 • Undescended testis, inguinal hernia, hydrocelle
 • Urinary tract stenosis