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Cardiovascular Surgery

Kent Hospital Cardiovascular Surgery Clinic is contracted with Social Security Organization.

Treatment procedures of Cardiovascular Surgery hospitalization are not subject to a difference fee.

In Kent Hospital, Cardiovascular Surgery Clinic, many significant cardiac surgical interventions are performed with lower morbidity and mortality rates in the standards of developed countries with a specialist and experienced team.
Besides 2 operating rooms allocated for cardiovascular surgeries, diagnose is enabled with the equipment such as EKG, Holter, EKO and EKG on exertion in Cardiovascular

Diagnosis Department. Interventional Cardiology Department where operations such as coronary angiography, angioplasty, stent and pace-maker are performed is operated in direct collaboration with intensive care and operating rooms. 

Coronary bypass, heart valve surgery, aortic surgery and aneurysm and congenital heart surgery and peripheral vascular surgery are successfully performed in the clinic. 

Coronary Bypass Surgery:
 "Coronary by-pass surgery" refers to the operation of forming bridge vessels with vessels taken from another area of a body beyond narrowing of blood vessels in its own vessels of a heart. (coronary arteries). Decreased blood flow in narrowed vein is again brought to normal level. 

Heart Valve Surgery: 
Heart valves regulate blood flow according to pumping characteristics by being located between chambers of heart or main veins and heart chambers.

Heart has four valves. In recent years, effective and permanent treatment opportunities have been developed in heart valve surgery thanks to rapid advances in artificial valve technology.

Aortic Surgery and Aneurysms:
 Aneurysm is an abnormal ballooning of an artery on its wall. Arteries are blood vessels that carry oxygenated blood from heart to other parts of the body. Aneurysm expanding sufficiently may burst in a way that will generally cause fatal bleeding in the body.

Peripheral Vascular Diseases: 
Peripheral artery disease is a term generally used to refer to the atherosclerotic disease of leg arteries. The major cause of chronic occlusive disease in legs in patients under 35 years of age is atherosclerosis obliterance.

Vascular diseases: 
Vascular diseases are examined in 3 different groups as artery diseases, venous diseases and lymphatic system disorders (very thin veins assisting nutrition transport).