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Check-Up Unit

Health screening, basicly works for  early diagnosis of disease. If we detect a disease early, we may have an advantage in a spectrum of saving a life and treating it with minor intervention. This allows for less effort, lower cost, more comfort, and more effectiveness..

Why do I have a screening?

Many disease start silently or with mild symptoms. In order to define the disease and plan the life style regulations and the treatment, one needs to suspect the presence of the disease. Sometimes you can do it by yourself if you are familiar with the symptoms ( you may have your parents or siblings have the same symptoms) Sometimes no symptoms occur: we evaluate the risk and do the physical examination, so then we may have a suspicion about the disease. In general you need to be evaluated in a multitask aspect and we do it through the guidelines which USPTSF (United States Preventive Services Task Force) suggests.

What will I gain when I have my screening? 

You will probably have a chance to know that you are healthy, or you will have chance to  have the advantage of an early diagnosis.  You may save your life  or you may be blessed from the negative consequences of a clearly defined diabetes mellitus which may have already created the end organ damage. You can have advisory knowledge about your familial risks and check periods for those.
Which parameters does it cover and how many types of check up exist?

We have created the check list according to your risks related to your age and gender. These are the predictable risks. You may need an additional bunch of tests covering your individual, environmental and familial risks, and risks pertaining to your complaints and physical examination findings
Does check up cover the treatment of the health problems?

Screening covers only the diagnosis. After your screening, we define a proposal for solving your problem areas. We may treat some of or all of your problems, we may suggest further tests and refer to another specialist, we may offer to follow you depending on the problem you have. Sometimes we give advisory and create a link between the beauty and health.
What is the advantage of screening? Do you have spesific examples?

Screening gives the possibility of early diagnosis and treatment. I have had many patients experienced the advantages of treatment of an early stage of cancer (thyroid, endometrium, prostate, colon, breast, stomach, ovary, and renal cell carcinoma) who are continuing to live healthy. Also I have numerous patients caught in the early stages of hypertension, diabetes, hyperlipidemia, and have treated with lifestyle changes or with small doses of drugs.
How often do I need a check up?

If everything is ok and you are healthy, you need to have a check up yearly starting with 35 years of age. Disease follow up differ from this as it may need to be controlled more often.
Who does the check up?

A family medicine specialist does the check up and organises the health needs in collaboration with the other specialities.

In Kent Hospital, what you do more then others in the world in terms of  screening?

In Kent Hospital, we have a unique check up unit in which the process is fully structured. We have the sample withdrawal, ECG and the exercise ECG unit, ultrasonography ..The test packages which we created,  rely on the guidelines of USPSTF (United States Preventive Services task Force). (Some of the panel contents exceed the minimum suggestions of USPSTF. ) Also if you have a default test package which your insurance or company supplied, we contemplate it to coverage of all health risks and give you a chance to have a complete screening.

You only Schedule your appointment and come to the unit with 12-14 hours preliminary fast. All the other details are arranged in a comfortable environment in an evidence based manner.

Our motto is: There will come a time when people make their screening done yearly as the norm.