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Pulmonary Diseases

Pulmonary diseases is the branch of medicine addressing the diseases of pneumonia of lung, pleurisy, tuberculosis, bronchiectasis, lung cancers, pleura diseases, mediastinum diseases, chronic obstructive lung diseases (KOAH) and diseases of subparts of respiratory systems such as asthma.

Kent Hospital department of pulmonary diseases offers polyclinic, inpatient and consultation services. Diagnosis, examination and treatment of all of the adult age group patients (16 years of age and above) are carried out either outpatiently as polyclinic service or as inpatient at the 
pulmonary diseases service. Moreover, consultation service is provided for the polyclinic patients applying to emergency service requiring consultation and other patients hospitalized at other medical services. 

Interventional tests are applied at the department. These procedures applied by the 
pulmonary diseases specialists are bronchoscopic interventions (with flexible bronchoscope) and interventional procedures for examination and treatment of pleura. 

The respiratory function tests, reversibility test, bronchi provocation tests are performed at respiratory function test laboratory.