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In Kent Hospital Clinic of Dermatology;

Diagnosis and treatment of skin, hair, nails, oral mucosa(inside the mouth), tongue disorders and venereal diseases are conducted. 

Cosmetic and aesthetic dermatology applications (laser epilation, laser lipolysis, peeling, PRP and cellulite treatment, Acoustic Wave Therapy (AWT), Platelet Rich Plasma (PRP) method starting a new era in skin rejuvenation and spot treatment cosmetic applications such as Botox and fillers etc.) are conducted by experienced dermatologists and cosmetologists. 

"Prick test" and "patch test" methods are applied and evaluated as well as required laboratory tests following dermatological examination in allergic skin diseases. Results are compared with vital conditions of the patient and solutions that are within protection treatment are generated.

Superficial skin tumours that require small interventions, warts, treatment of moles, cryotherapy (freezing with liquid nitrogen ) and electrocautery procedures are applied in contemporarily-designed intervention rooms with state-of-the-art devices.