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Ear Nose And Throat

Examination, tests and diagnosis and treatment of diseases are carried out at Kent Hospital, Ear-Nose-Throat (ENT) Clinic with multi-disciplinary team concept and endoscopic and microscopic procedures.    
Diseases treated at ENT Clinic

 • Hearing loss
 • Ear infections
 • Balance diseases
 • Vertigo
 • Tinnitus
 • Chronic sinusitis
 • Nose allergies
 • Olfaction disorder
 • Nose-bleed
 • Nasal obstruction and problems about external appearance of the nose 
 • Nose diseases such as nasal polyposis 
 • Diseases such as lacrimal gland congestion
 • Voice disorders
 • Swallowing problems
 • Throat diseases such as gastroesophageal reflux
 • Malign and benign tumors of head and neck 
 • Standard surgeries such as intranasal deviation, tonsilla, adenoid, endoscopic sinusitis surgery 
 • Advanced endoscopic operations
 • Operations of head and neck tumors and operations for repair of cosmetic and functional losses in these operations 
 • Repair of tympanum, operations for hearing loss and otitis 
 • Surgical procedures for vocal diseases 
 • Functional and aesthetic nose operations

Sleep laboratory assessments for diagnosis of sleep disorders, snoring, respiratory tract congestion (sleep apnea) significance of which has increased recently are performed at sleep disorders unit. These diseases are treated with medical and surgical methods (positive pressure respiratory equipment, nose, painless, non-surgical radio frequency practices for soft palate and tongue base and surgery techniques are used). 
Following examination of vocal cords by endoscopic methods in patients applying for vocal and speaking disorder complaint, the reason of hoarseness can be found by stroscopic examination. Voice therapy techniques are applied to functional voice disorder.