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General Surgery

Kent Hospital provides service with strong technical infrastructure facilities at General Surgery Clinic.

Endocrine surgery

Surgical treatments of benign and malign diseases of all endocrine glands in the body (parathyroid, adrenal glands) mainly goiter (thyroid gland) disease are carried out.

Opportunity of pathological tests during the surgery reduces the possibility of recurrent operations.


All breast diseases are treated surgically. All surgical options are applied for especially treatment of breast cancer, a multidisciplinary approach is followed with pathology, oncology, psychiatry and plastic surgery clinics if necessary. 

Upper Gastro-Intestinal System Surgery

It is applied in case of surgical treatment of diseases in esophagus, stomach, dudenum and small intestine.

Colorectal Surgery

Surgical treatments of all benign and malign diseases of anal region such as hemorrhoid, fissure, fistula, sinus pilonidal (incarnatus) and large intestine.

Hepato- Pancteratico-Biliary Surgery

Gallbladder stone operations the most frequent seen operation in this group of diseases are performed with laparoscopic method. Moreover, operations requiring special experience are carried out for surgical diseases of liver, gall bladder and biliary tracts and pancreas.

Hernia Surgery

All abdominal wall hernias are repaired by the open and laparoscopic method by use of synthetic mesh (patch) universally accepted. Moreover, minor surgical procedures are carried out under local anesthesia at minor intervention room.