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Laboratory Services

At laboratory of Kent Hospital, necessary tests in clinical samples taken from polyclinics, service floors, intensive care units, operating rooms, emergency service patients and sent externally are carried out. Tests not performed are got performed at contracted external laboratory.

Laboratory services work 7/24. The laboratory team comprises of attending physicians from three branches, laboratory head technician and technicians under the presidency of coordinator. Moreover, admission officer and hospital hostesses work to support the service.


Laboratory comprises of three sub-units.

 • Clinical pathology 
 • Clinical microbiology
 • Clinical biochemistry 

All of three units are equipped with a strong technological infrastructure. Methods standardized and certified by the internationally accepted NCCLS (National committee for clinical laboratory standards) are applied for tests. These standards cover materials, practice and quality control methods for every test. Internal quality control is performed for each test at different periods in line with the recommendations of standardization bodies. Moreover, external quality control programs are implemented for biochemistry, hormone analysis, serologic tests, bacteriological cultures and antibiotic susceptibility tests.