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Medical Oncology

Cancer is not the desperation; it can be treated at early stage. Early diagnosis and correct treatment is significant for struggle with the cancer. Don’t forget that Kent Hospital is with you all the time during the process of cancer treatment    with the department of medical oncology. 

Developments of the last 40 years showed that the cancer can be prevented and treated. In the same period, more efficient medication molecules were found and efficiency could be controlled fast and more efficient medical treatment units were developed. Accordingly, it is now possible to establish diagnosis earlier, more accurate and administer more efficient treatment and extend the life. 

In recent studies, it has been shown that multi-disciplinary team work is necessary for the successful cancer treatment and success won against cancer increases at relevant and general centers.

Multi-disciplinary approach at Kent Hospital department of medical oncology

Kent Hospital, department of medical oncology is a health unit providing world class service in its field. At the department diagnosis and treatment of all cancers is performed by multidisciplinary approach specific to every department of our hospital. Moreover, informing the person for cancer prevention is another service rendered by our department.  You may benefit from services of chemotherapy, consultancy, support maintenance and follow-up other than leukemia by means of your social security. 

Chemotherapy is used to eliminate the disease in early diagnosed patients and to make the disease regress, prevent progression at more advanced stages. At Kent Hospital, medical oncology center, chemotherapy is administered with experienced nurses and moreover the patient is followed by nutritionist, psychologist. Any kinds of chemotherapy procedures are administered by the oncology nurses informed about psychological and physical needs of the cancer patients and monitored by specialist physicians. Chemotherapy is administered at inpatient services. Current diagnosis and treatment approaches are closely followed by means of participation in scientific congress and meetings and treatments in accordance with international consensus decisions are administered at the department. 

Support care at every stage is very significant for cancer patients. Nursing services, nutrition, physiological support, rehabilitation and emergency services should be considered as integrated with this support. Kent Hospital being a general private hospital with international JCI accreditation applies high quality standards for medical oncology services with its experiences and strong technological infrastructure.