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Nephrology is the science addressing structure, functions and diseases of kidneys. Hypertension, renal diseases, dialysis (hemodialysis/peritoneous dialysis) and kidney transplant diagnosis and treatment services for adult patients are carried out by the specialist medical personnel. 
Diagnosis and treatment services

 • Urinalysis and microscopy
 • 24-hour urinalysis
 • Blood tests for renal functions
 • Immunological tests
 • 24-hour blood pressure monitoring
 • Scintigraphic methods
 • Radiological methods
 • Kidney biopsy
 • Kidney angiography and angioplasty
 • Tissue typing 
 • Hemodialysis 
 • Peritoneous dialysis 
 • Kidney transplant preparation and post-transplantation follow-up 
Previous examination and treatment results of the patient applying to our polyclinic, medicines they use, if they have hypertension history, daily blood pressure monitoring results will shorten the examination time.