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Orthopedics & Traumatology

Diagnosis, treatment and rehabilitation of muscoleskelatal system diseases are carried out with a multi-disciplinary approach at Kent Hospital, orthopedics and traumatology clinic. In addition to this, diagnosis and treatment of disorders of muscoloskelatal system (fracture, dislocation, etc.) of trauma patients taken to emergency service are performed. 

Medical approaches and technological progresses led to great advances in orthopedia and specialized areas of orthopedia emerged for the treatment of musculoskeletal system diseases covering a wide range. These areas are as follows; 

 • Foot surgery
 • Hand surgery
 • Shoulder surgery
 • Elbow surgery 
 • Spinal surgery 
 • Hip surgery
 • Knee surgery 
 • Pediatric orthopedia
 • Arthroplasty
 • Trauma surgery
 • Sports injuries
 • Arthroscopy 
 • Microsurgery
 • Peripheral nerve surgery
 • Tumor surgery 
 • Congenital and traumatic plexus brachial (armpit nerve network) injuries
 • Orthopedic treatment of cerebral palsy 
 • Orthopedic approaches of rheumatismal diseases
 • Diagnosis and treatment of intrarticular region via a camera (arthroscopy)
 • Re-sewing of severed organs by developed operation microscopes by microsurgery methods 
 • Transplantation of tissues such as bone, muscle to the necessary region from another region
 • Replacement of joint losing its function (Prosthesis surgery)
 • Early and late period treatments of congenital and traumatic plexus brachial injuries 
 • Treatment of congenital hand and body anomalies