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Organ Transplantation Center

Organ donation is the life vaccine.

Organ transplant is the life vaccine for the organ failure patients. Kent Hospital supports organ donation with SSI contracted liver, lung and bone marrow transplant centers

Organ donation

Organ donation is the donation of the tissue and organs of a person with his/her free will while living following medically death for transplanting to chronic organ failure patients. Organ transplantation is becoming more and more important in our country where the number of patients needing organ transplant. 

Organ donation is life to life for health and hope for the life. Don’t forget that the organ failure patients need a hero and you can be their hero by means of organ donation. Kent Hospital supports the organ donation with SSI contracted organ transplant centers. No fee is charged from the patients for liver, kidney and bone marrow transplant by means of SSI coverage.  

Organ transplantation 

Organ donation is the procedure of transfer of a sound organ taken from a living donor or medically ex person for the organ not functioning to the organ failure patient. Organ transplantation is accepted as a routine, applicable and advanced treatment method for a number of chronic organ failure patients today. The donor is classified into two groups as “living and cadaver”.  Taking organ from a living person is possible by taking one of double organs (kidney, liver in part, pancreas and small intestine) not to risk the life of donor.