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Registered Dietitian

Nutrition and Dietetics
Clinical Nutrition

Academic Title
Specialist dietitian

Education and Work history
Erciyes University ( Department of Nutrition and Dietetics)
Erciyes University Master Degree on Nutrition and Dietetics

Kayseri Private Sevgi Hospital, Dietitian
Form Ortaca Nutrion Diet Consultation and Sport Center, Expert Dietitian
Alsancak Kent Medical Center

Turkey Dietitians Association
KEPAN (Clinical Enteral Parenteral Nutrition Association)

Scientific Articles and publications
Gültekin G., Şahin H., İnanç N., Ok E., ‘Impact Of Omega-3 And Omega-9 Fatty Acids Enriched Total Parenteral Nutrition On Blood Chemistry And Inflammatory Markers In Septic Patients’ Pakıstan Journal of Medıcal Scıences, vol.30, pp.299-304, 2014
‘Use of complementary and alternatıve medıcıne (cam) ın new onset cancer patıents: 1-year  results of prospectıve cohort study’ j clın nutr, 2018

Education, Congress and Seminars
4. International  Nutrition and Dietetics Congress, Antalya, 2-5 Apr 2002, Participant Cert.

Clinical Enteral Parenteral Nutrition (KEPAN) Basic Education Course, Kayseri, 2005, Participant Cert.Katılımcı
5.International Nutrition and Dietetics Congress, Ankara, 2006, Participant Cert.

5.International Nutrition and Dietetics Congress, Ankara, 2006, Obesity Course, Participant Cert

World’s Diabetics Day Activities,Kayseri, ‘Medical Nutrition in Diabetics’, 14 Nov 2006,Speaker

Turkey Dietitians Association- Weight management on adults Certificate Programme, Abant-Bolu, 4-6 May 2007, Participant and Success Cert

44.National Diabetics Congress , Antalya, 9-13 May 2007, Participant Cert

44.International Nutrition and Dietetics Congress, Antalya, 2-6 Apr 2008, Participant CErt.
10.Kepan Congress, 2017, Antalya, Participant
10.Espen Congress, Poster Presentation, 2018, Madrıd/ Spain

 Kepan ‘Clınıcal Nutrıtıon Basic Educatıon Course’ ‘Clınıcal Nutrıons on Onkology Patients’, Speaker, İzmir/Trabzon, 2018