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About Us

Kent Hospital is a healthcare organization having made a name for itself since 2004 with the medical achievements not only in Izmir and Aegean region but also in peripheral countries.


Kent Hospital which is a general private hospital offers top level diagnosis and treatment opportunities that can be provided at only university hospitals to the patients owing to medical specialty, experience and strong technological infrastructure.

Kent Hospital is social security insurance contracted for liver, kidney and bone marrow transplantation, cardiology clinic, cardiovacular surgery and oncology (cancer) treatment. In addition to polyclinic and clinic services CVS are povided by the full time physicians in all branches, Kent Hospital has high success rates in transplant operations in liver  transplant center, kidney organ transplant center, bone marrow transplant center takes pride in rehabilitating many patients from the country and abroad.

Kent Hospital takes place in the upper row top in Europe for liver transplant of pediatric and adults with liver failure with the specialized team performing more than 1700 liver transplants comes into prominence especially for pediatric liver transplantations. Kent Hospital is built on 30.000 m2 land and has apps ximately 22.000 m2 closed are. JCI accrediated Kent Hospital was designed and built in accordance with standard AIA (American Institute of Architects) Hospital Buildings Guide as well as total harmony with national standards.

International JCI Accreditation

Kent Hospital work flows designed within the framework of JCI (Joint Commission International) Accreditation standards and was accredited in 2006 for the first time and renewed JCI accreditation certificate in 2009, 2012, 2016 and 2019.

Strong Technical Infrastructure

Total 204 patient beds offered for the comfort of patients and attendants are available at Kent Hospital.


Imaging services are provided by units such as magnetic resonance, computer spiral tomography, digital fluoroscopy, mammography, direct X-ray, color Doppler ultrasonography. Images are offered for use of all physicians in digital media (PACS).


Procedures such as coronary angiography, nuclear medicine, bone densitometry are archived and sshared digitally to the physicians of the hospital and in the country and abroad  safely if necessary.


While choosing the test kits for the laboratories where biochemistry, hematology, microbiology and hormone tests are carried out, quality approval is the basis and rules of quality asssurance are followed.


Diagnosis are performed by EKG, Holter, ECHO, efforted EKG at cardiological diagnosis unit. 


Interventional cardiology department where procedures such as coronary angiography, angioplasty, stent, pace-maker are carried out work in coordination with intensive care and operating rooms directly. In the operating rooms arranged with double-corridor (sterile, semi-sterile) system, full sterilization is achieved under positive pressure and by means of laminar-flow air flow, hepa filtration and “Clean room standards” are tested by the competent bodies.

Operating Rooms And Intensive Care Units

In addition to special operating rooms designated for cardiovascular surgeries, special operating rooms for microsurgery operations areavailable. There are total 54 intensive care units as 36 for adults and 18 for neoratal equipped with high technology products connected with the operating rooms. All medical values of the patients at the intensive care units are accessed by physicians on hospital network system.

Delivery Rooms

Jacuzzis enabling the pregnant to feel more comfortable during pre

delivery painful period under air or pressure water are available at the delivery rooms of Kent Hospital. Moreover, there are special delivery rooms (LDRP) that all delivery services can be provided in home environment.


Direct access from these units to operating rooms is possible if necessary. There is intensive care unit that any kind of routine and emergency intervention can be performed for the newborn and transport incubator is available at infant care unit. Nurse call system for direct communication with the nurse, central medical gas system, micro-processor electronic patient beds to enable patient to get the desired position are available at the patient rooms