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Nursing Services

The most basic function of the nursing services in Kent hospital is to provide continuously quality nursing services to the patients admitted to our hospital.

By virtue of these efforts the nursing services in our hospital was structured in line with the internationally used models. We provide patient-centered patient care in our hospital. The patient per nurse ratio is in line with the internationally accepted ratios.        

Providing Nursing Services 

In our Kent hospital Nursing Services, the Nursing Process method which is an exemplary model for patient care in our country has been applied and our nursing care is based upon a scientific foundation.  

Therefore from the moment our patient was hospitalized they are systematically evaluated by our nurses in each shift and the current-potential health problems of the patients are detected. The primary nurse of our patient plans, applies, and records in the patient file the appropriate nursing interventions for resolving the detected health problems. Furthermore, she determines certain objectives in order to prevent development of any potential problems and implements appropriate care interventions. With respect to the patient care, she re-assesses the results of the application and all assessments are recorded in the patient file. 

The nursing service uses the data obtained from all these assessments and determinations for the purpose of improvement of the patient care. If any problem of the patient detected by the nurse requires intervention of the other medical disciplines (Physician, Dietitian, Physiotherapist etc.) then the nurse, ensuring the necessary coordination, assumes the most important role in providing the interdisciplinary care to the patient. Furthermore, our nurses provide psychological support and trainings in accordance with the training needs of the patients and their families from the time of hospitalization until discharge.         
Any risks for the inpatients during their stay in the hospital such as the pressure sore (bedsore) risk, risk of fall etc. are also evaluated, and it is ensured that appropriate measures are taken for and the necessary care is provided to the patients at risk.

In order that the nursing services are provided continuously and with the same quality in all departments of our hospital, written instructions, procedures and standard care plans regarding the nursing applications are used. Thus, it is ensured that the applications are carried out in the same standard throughout our hospital. 

Any errors / error risks that might arise during provision of our Nursing Services are detected by he quality indicators. Data regarding various issues such as the bedsore, IV application etc. are collected monthly, and the collected data are analyzed. The purpose for this is to see any failing aspects of the service, to determine any improvement points and, when necessary, to review the processes and to improve the quality continuously.  

Organization of the Nursing Services 

Manager Nurses;

In the units under their responsibility, they carry out the necessary planning and organization, inspect the applications, evaluate the professional competencies of and provide the necessary guidance for the employees, coordinate with the other departments regarding patient care and satisfaction in line with the quality objectives of the hospital, and participate in research and professional development studies under the Nursing Services Directorate.     

Infection Control Nursing;

The infection control nursing which is the most fundamental member of the infection control committee carries out the screening of the areas at infection risks throughput the hospital, and carries out planning and develops strategies for infection prevention. 

The Infection Control Nursing carries out planning activities in order that the hospital-wide services are provided in accordance with the committee decisions taken in line with the CDC criteria, prepares procedures for infections, and audits nursing applications. It also takes responsibility in continuation of the trainings required for prevention of any situations that might pose any risk for employees and patients, and when necessary also provides trainings about infection-specific conditions to the patient and the family.  

Intensive Care Nursing;
There are 3state of the art adult intensive care (general intensive care, coronary intensive care, cardiovascular surgery intensive care) units and a newborn intensive care unit in our hospital.   

The nurses to be employed in the adult intensive care units undergo a specific training and orientation process so as to provide services in each 3 intensive care units and they are subjected to rotation when needed.  

In our intensive care units, considering the degree of dependency, it is planned so that 1 nurse provides care for 1 patient or maximum 1 nurse provides care for 2 patients. 

Service (Patient floors) Nursing;
In general, services are provided for internal medicine, general surgery, cardiovascular surgery, gynecology, pediatrics, Transplantation and oncology branches on the service floors. The services are provided by the nurses who have been educated in this area and who have completed specific trainings in the field they are employed.       

Operating Room Nursing;
The services are provided by our nurses who are trained so as to assume tasks in all the surgical cases in our hospital. In our operating room where service is provided continuously for 24 hours, the necessary planning is carried out for nurses who can assume tasks in any operations out of the working hours.   

In our center where the surgical instruments are sterilized 24 hour continuous service is available. Within the frame of the infection control measures, materials are accepted and prepared, the necessary tests are applied, and the materials are returned after the operation, and all these processes are recorded appropriately by the employees who are trained in their fields.     

Dialyses Nursing;
Our dialyses nurses who are responsible for providing dialyses services and cares for our inpatients have completed the necessary trainings and certification program in their fields. During the dialysis process our nurses ensure that the requirements of the patient are satisfied and followed-up appropriately.     

Emergency Service Nursing;
In our Emergency Service which provides service for 24 hours continuously, all our patients, children or adult, are cared and treated by our experienced nurses who have received trainings in their respective fields. Our emergency service nurses are responsible for ensuring the top level patient care in all stages from admission of the patient until discharging or referral to the relevant department. 

Angiography Nursing;
In the Coronary Angiography - Interventional Radiology departments, the nurses who received trainings in their respective fields are employed. They ensure that our patients who will be treated in these fields are admitted to the unit, the patients and the teams are supported during the process, the nursing services are carried out appropriately, and that, observing the functions of the patient after the process, the patients are transferred safely to the unit.  

Oncology Nursing;
The oncology nurse who is responsible for performance of care and treatment for our oncology patients ensures that all our patients receive nursing services in accordance with the standard care plan. The special medications are prepared in laminar flow special cabinets by the hospital pharmacist. Our nurse evaluates the general conditions of our patients during the application of the prepared treatment, and provides the appropriate care service.     

Policlinic Nursing;
Our nurses rendering service in the polyclinics receive training specific to the polyclinics they are employed in. our nurses who are employed in those of our polyclinics that require specific processes such as IVF, Endoscopy, Gynecology and cardiology complete special trainings and provide services in their fields.  Our nurses in the general areas ensure that the patients are admitted, nurse evaluations are carried out, and the patient and the teams are supported during treatment preparation and treatment.   

IV Application-Control Nurse;
Our nurse takes charge in the performance, control and post-application follow-up of the IV (vascular access) applications. Since the application poses Infection risks, our nurse is also responsible for carrying out of the necessary follow-ups, and giving and evaluating theoretical and hands on trainings to our newly-recruited nurses.    

Patient Records Control Nurse;
Our nurse is responsible for investigation and development of the nursing service documents, detection of the areas need to be improved, determination of the training requirements in this respect and for giving the trainings.    

Infant Care Nursing;
The first post-natal follow-ups of the baby are taken, the healthy babies in the mother's room are cared periodically, and the services for control of the baby are carried out by our nurse who has been trained in the newborn intensive care unit. Additionally, our personnel who have received training about supporting and meeting the need of the mother and the baby provide assistance as well. 

Breastfeeding Training Nursing;
She is responsible for providing mothers with the training about the importance of breast milk and breastfeeding, and the effective breastfeeding methods from the conception until the post-natal phase. Especially visiting the mother daily during the period when she is inpatient after the delivery, it is evaluated whether the breastfeeding is effective or not, and the questions of the mother are answered. The breastfeeding training nurse, when needed, provides mothers with the training support within the frame of the polyclinic services during the pre-natal period as well as after the discharge.   

Training Nursing
She is responsible for planning, performing and evaluating the results of the trainings related to the topics that must be studied compulsorily either annually or during the recruitment phases of the nurses. Within the frame of the annual training plan determined by the Nursing Services Training Committee, she carries out the training process, shares the results of the evaluations of the trainings for the employees with the manager nurses. As a part of the evaluations of the orientation for the newly-recruited personnel, when needed, the trainings are repeated regarding the subjects that the employees should be improved in. Also together with the manager nurses she follows-up the specific trainings created in the departments as a result of the annual proficiency assessment processes. 

Clinic Training Nursing
They are the nurses who are elected among the senior nurses according to certain criteria and who received specific training in this field. Especially taking charge in the processes of starting the orientation processes for the nurses recruited in the department, giving and supervising the trainings, and completion of the orientation phase by accompanying the trainees, they are responsible for conducting the trainings jointly with the manager nurse they are affiliated to and with the training nursing. 

Transplanting Nursing
Organizing together with the team all the processes from hospitalizing of the transplantation patients until their discharge, she is responsible for giving training to the patients and families throughout the process, and following-up and carrying out of the process.

The Training Program prepared for the nursing services in our hospital consists of 3 stages;

1. General Orientation Training;
This is the basic training program including the general introduction to our hospital.

2. In-Service Trainings;
This is the training program for the patient groups being treated in our hospital and it includes the nursing applications in these groups. With the tests conducted at various stages of the training, the success of both the training itself and the training participants are assessed.     

3. Specific Trainings;

These are the trainings composed of the subjects specific to the department that the nurses will be employed in. Making general assessments as a result of these trainings, the success level of the individuals are measured and, if any areas need to be developed are determined, the training is repeated. 

Furthermore, the professional qualifications of our nurses serving in various areas are evaluated periodically in terms of the nursing activities and the applications that are specific to the fields they are serving in. And trainings are re-planned in line with the feedbacks obtained as a result of the evaluation.

all trainings conducted within the hospital are certified with a certificate or participation document, and they are kept in their personal files.
Participation of our nurses from the relevant fields in various external training organizations such as congresses, seminars etc. in representation of our hospital are encouraged.

Nursing Services Organization
In the organization of the Nursing Services, the staff nurses serving in the fields work under the supervisor nurses. The supervisor nurses are affiliated to the Nursing Services Directorate. 

One of the most distinctive points of the nursing services in the Kent Hospital is that the Nursing Services Directorate is working directly under the General Directorate. With a controlled, participatory and collaborative management system, the nursing services employees are allowed for control and responsibility directly in patient care issues and professional applications. In line with the quality studies, involving also the nurses in the committees where both medical and administrative processes are followed-up, it is ensured that the nurses also participate in the decision making process. The committees (training committee, committee for assessment of quality in nursing etc.) involve manager nurses as well as the staff nurses. 

Additionally, there is a position for allied health personnel who is working under the nursing services directorate, has taken charge in the patient care support process together with the nursing services, and who have trained in this subject.   

It is expected that, besides the professional competency, the candidates for nursing services that has adopted the professional nursing model and targeted to render service in line with the international quality standards should also adopt and take as a basis these targets, and should be debonair, prone to team concept, open to new ideas and innovations, and strong in human relations. Furthermore, assessments are made as a result of the oral interviews in addition to the written assessments made in order to measure their professional competencies during recruitment.  After the recruitment during the adaptation and evaluation stage, our nurses are guided by those nurses that are specialized in their fields, and they initially work under the surveillance of the clinic training nursing and after their competency is evaluated they take charge in primary patient care. In the Kent Hospital which believes in the philosophy of "Believe in The Way We Value People", the most fundamental objective of the Nursing Services is to provide quality care by our debonair nurses who have adopted the team approach and who are respecting the patient rights and master in the professional service concept.